Monday, July 21, 2008

The San Francisco 48hr Film Festival 2008

A few weeks ago a small cast and crew consisting of the founding members of BARKADA INC. and friends set out to compete in the 48hr San Francisco Film Festival. There was a total of 57 teams, of which was then divided into 4 screening groups. Each team pulls a genre out of a hat and BARKADA INC. lands "Musical or Western".

We spent the entire evening brainstorming and laying down the lyrics to the musical. In the early morning we put down the audio for the music and during the many hours that followed, we shot all the sequences. It was INTENSE. Props to everyone for holding out and staying up as late as they did. And especially thanks for the wonderful parents who supported us with words and FOOD.

I am proud to announce that "A Keesh for Hershel" won the Audience Favorite Award for our screening group (D) AND Best Musical Score! So what's next? Well, the 48hr San Jose Film Festival of course!

Here are some shots from behind the scenes:

Visual innuendo?

Director, Editor & Cinematographer: Uly MostralesNothing like a 4am chess game...You dig?

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Tony Nguyen said...

Tomorrow should be fun. Looking forward to Barkada's latest flick!